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Factors affecting the cost of a new roof


There are many factors that determine the cost of a new roof.

The roof pitch, or slope, is one of the most important considerations. The steeper the angle of pitch, the more difficult it becomes for roofing installers to work on a roof. This adds greatly to the cost. A steeper roof may also require extra layers of underlayment, thus adding to the cost.

The cost of removing the existing roof can be a factor. The heavier the roofing material on the existing roof, the longer it takes to remove it and the more costly it is to dispose of. A more complex roof design can take longer to disassemble.

Perhaps the biggest factor determining the cost if the type of roofing materials being used to cover the roof. Asphalt tiles will result in a minimal cost, while slate will see you pay mega bucks. If you want to use a different type of materials to what is there now, this may add signicant cost due to the extra requirements to put the new materials in place.

Access to the roof is also a consideration. If a contractor has trouble accessing the roof, he will generally charge more.

If the contractor, while going about his job, discovers structural problems with your roof, that would bump upthe agreed price, so it might be advisable to look inside the roof cavity and see if you can sight any problems with beams or roof structure.

If you decide you want a different roof shape, a roof loft incorporated, or gables built in, or shutters added, or new ventilation and insulation requirements, these are all factors that will bump up the cost considerably.

You may want an extended warrant from the roof company or contactor - this will add to the cost.

Conversely, you can reduce the cost of replacing your roof. If you're fotunate enough to have a slate tiled roof, you would probably elect to re-use the slate tiles, which would greatly reduce the cost. If you have slate tiles that are largely split and in poor consition, you could save substantially be replacign them with clay tiles. has been compiled as a resource for home owners seeking help with roofing, and also as a helpful aid for businesses providing roofing services.