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Selecting a roof company
or roofing contrator


Selecting a roofing contractor or roof company can be easy or hard. The easiest way is to know someone who has had a new roof installed, who is happy with the price charged and the work done, and who will gladly recommend the installer. You can see the result of the contractor's work, and that speaks for itself. You can also ask to see the quote given by the contractor and think in terms of how it would relate to your roof.

Ask others
Another way is to walk or drive around your extended neighborhood and look for houses that have appear to have had their roofs replaced. (Don't bother with new builds.) If you find some, knock on the door and let the home owner know you're considering having your roof replaced.

People are usually more than happy to tell you the ins and outs of the work they've had done. If they are pleased will the work, they will be only too happy to tell you.

Conversely, if they have had a bad experience they will tell you all the details. If you can establish rapport with the home owners, they will usually tell you how much the job cost.

You may even be able to probe how they went about getting their estimates and what decisions they had to make. If you talk to a few home owners, you should have a basis to work from in selecting an installer.

Do your research
The hard way to select a roofing contractor or company, it has to be said, is starting from scratch and carrying out your own research.

That will involve going along and talking to companies and contractors, getting a rough idea of their costs and getting a feel for how you think they'll go about doing their job. Let's face it, any number of people are great at winning jobs, but when it comes to doing the work efficiently and on time, they fail miserably.

Ask them if they provide testimonials and can you phone the referees. Better still, go along and talk to the referees and see if they appear genuine in providing their testimonials.

Once you've met with the company or contractor representatives, do some legwork on the internet and see what you can find out about the company or contractor, how good or bad their reputation is. Are they mentioned in internet forums - what were the comments about them? If people had problems with them, were they helpful in resolving the problems? Are they mentioned on review websites, are they rated on their work? The companies or contactors that pop up the most with good feedback are the ones you should be shortlisting. The ones that pop up regularly with bed comments against they name, avoid like the plague.

Rank your shortlist of companies and contractors from the most favoured to the least favoured. Don't have too many on your list.

You should by now have ideas of their appoximate costs and their strengths and weaknesses, so you should be able to whittle your shortlist down to three. Any more than that can become a nightmare when trying to compare and evaluate their quotes.

With your three decided upon, get quotes in writing from each. If the companies or contractors are on the ball, the quotes should be done fairly quickly. If one or more quotes drag on, then that in itself may be a bad sign suggesting the contractor has a time problem, and you might need to reassess whether you should be dealing with that company/contractor.

Also, when talking to the people writing up the quotes, tie them down to how long the job is going to take to complete. This should also appear in the quotes.

The quotes you get should be professional in their appearance, and detailed and thorough. They should provide breakdowns of roof coverings and materials to be used and underlayments and mebrames, starting and completion dates, length of warranty and what is covered in the warranty.

Some contractors will also specify who is responsible for paying for damage to landscaping and gardens, and who is responsible for repairing or replacing exterior finishes damaged during the course of the work. Payment terms should also be included.

Compare and evalute the three quotes and where there are discrepancies or shortcomings, go back to the contractor or company and query the shortfalls and ask for a revised quote in necessary. has been compiled as a resource for home owners seeking help with roofing, and also as a helpful aid for businesses providing roofing services.